Friday, January 05, 2007

True Diva

Our dear pregnant (=loads of hormones) English teacher have gotten this great idea about all the students holding their very own presentation in front of the entire class. The topic is America. We can talk about a famous person (rappers and models not included), a city or state or a historical event etc. After thinking about choosing the story of the 1930 Mafia as the topic for my presentation, I came to the conclusion of choosing a person who I already knew something about. So, I chose her - the ultimate beauty icon of all times, the face, hair and curves who personifies Hollywood Glamour. I guess you already know I'm talking about the one and only Marilyn Monroe. So, what is there to say about miss Monroe? I want to get deep. I want to hold an interesting lecture about her and her life, even her thoughts. So, who was she? What was she really like? And did she ever, as assumed, kill herself? I am actually looking forward to work on this project.

In 1954, Marilyn entertained the troops in Korea.

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