Saturday, January 06, 2007

Winter once again

The snow came at last. Well, it' would sound stupid for a girl like me living so close to the North Pole complaining about snow and frost, but yes, I am. At the beginning it's really nice to have fluffy, soft dots of snow around, everything just seems a bit lighter. But then, after a few weeks, that light, beautiful snow turns into brown, dirty slush. The Winter Wonderland is suddenly gone.

I understand that snowboarders and people who likes skiing a lot feel some love for this season, but for me, who don't do any such winter activity or simply like to roll around in the snow, it's far from a blessing. First of all I usually have bad time, so I'm rather dependent on having a bike around. Snow + Ice = 0 bicycling. And then comes all those heavy, huge and not so feminine winter clothes. Well, okay, I should stop annoying myself with all these thoughts about this cold season, I can't do anything about it anyway. So, let's just adore it while it's still white and fluffy.

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