Friday, January 19, 2007

Dressed for Golden Globe

My opinion...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:
He: Wearing a classic tux from the Swedish brand J. Lindeberg.
She: Wearing a ruched charcoal gray St. John gown.
I say: Finally they are sparkling on the red carpet
together! This couldn't get more sophisticated. Golden couple of the evening!
+ Great to see such grown-up couple dressed
preppy. I have never been a huge fan of Angelina's many tattoos or neither her knives-obsession, and I'm glad to see them dressed up so mature.
- Not too creative.
Style points: 5/6
Kate Winslet:
Wearing a draped white Azzarro column dress and plenty of Chopard jewels.
I say: The
English rose dazzled of elegance, yet this is a bit too classic and it is not appealing any statement what so ever. She looks good, but that's about it.
+ This is a good example of "simple is smart", and the dress does absolutely fit her
female curves perfectly.
- Not so original, and a bit too boring.
Style points: 4/6

Cameron Diaz:
Wearing a pale tulle gown from Valentino.

I say: No! I've got nothing else to say than TOO MUCH! Is the break-up with Justin affecting her usually so good-looking style?
+ Uhm... well, her hair looks good.
- Too many ruffles.
i Style points: 2/6


Penelope Cruz:
The good friend of
Karl Lagerfeld is wearing a beautiful black Chanel couture gown designed just for her.
I say: A strike! Not too covered up, not too slutty. Not too boring, not too much. Just enough
goth too be trendy, yet not depressive. Penelope balances it perfectly with this dress. + The colour, texture and fabrics goes together fabulously.
- Unfortunately, I've seen this before too. Amazing dress, but not breathtaking.
Style points: 5/6
Beyonce Knowles:
Wearing a too-sexy, too-glitzy gown from Elie Saab.
I say: Gold is 'in' but you're not supposed to look like you have stumbled into your little sister's glitter-box. Beyonce drags the trend a bit too far, and it looks over dramatic, too skin-flashing - and teamed with the pose: a bit too wannabe-a-super-hot-diva.
+ Hey, the girl's got curves and she is not afraid to show 'em off. And she really does glows.
- The dress is making her look less sophisticated, other than celebrating her female body.
Style points: 2/6 i

Drew Barrymore:
Wearing a gown from John Galliano for Christian Dior in cold pink.

I say: Hallelujah! This evening, Drew says good-bye bad girl and hello Greek goddess. Pure elegance.
+ Colour and shape fits her perfectly. She looks feminine and ├╝ber cute. I'm impressed.
- Funny creation at her back.. :P
Style points: 5+/6

Best make-up and hair: Reese Witherspoon. Straight is beautiful.


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