Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Dark Story

This is the very last sentence of the story I wrote for my Norwegian term-test. The story is about a young girl from Africa who comes to Norway and falls in love with a Norwegian boy who seems perfect in her eyes. By the time she meets him her life is gray and all she can see in people are their dark secrets. He, comes to her like "the brightest light in a world of shadows". Soon, their lives get twisted up side down when they start partying and becomes a result of what living in a ghetto can do to people. The picture of a happy couple breaks by teenage-drunkenness, and soon they are just floating around in the universe of street-life, sex, drugs and alcohol. The whole story ends when a baby suddenly takes form in the girls stomach, and when he, in a moment of desperation, puts a bullet in it.

"Because I know one day you will change your mind, but when you do you will realize it's too late, and then you will see, deep inside you will see, how beautiful I am."

Picture by Sue Anna Joe

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